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Render Cleaning Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Are you looking for the best render cleaning in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire? Has your building render started to look ugly and stained with discolouration from the build-up of moss, algae, lichen and other organic matter? Our render cleaning specialists at External Cleaning Service can bring your render back to life and looking almost new again with the application of our Softwashing technique and cleaning solutions. We have many years experience in render cleaning as well as highly experienced staff and specialist render cleaning equipment. Our staff always adhere to strict safety practices when cleaning building render and will treat and clean your render effectively.

Local, Reliable & High Quality

Our local, reliable building render cleaners are able to effectively clean commercial building render as well as residential buildings to a high standard. Our render cleaning team are reliable and will leave your property looking like new as well as remove all mess from your property that has accumulated from the render cleaning process.

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Render cleaning

The UK has seen an increasing amount of warmer and wetter weather over the past few decades and this has resulted in building render becoming more susceptible to the growth of algae, moss and other organic matter, combined with general air pollution. This build-up on building render can cause serious and costly damage to buildings over time. Moss, algae and other organic matter requires regular cleaning and maintenance, which will help avoid having to have your render replaced over time. At External Cleaning Service we can help. We can clean and treat your render using our render cleaning Softwashing equipment and cleaning solutions, removing all traces of organic matter as well as cleaning any stains and pollutants along the way, leaving your render looking almost new again.

We have built up a fantastic reputation across Mansfield and Nottinghamshire for the cleaning of render on commercial, industrial and residential properties.

We only ever use eco-friendly cleaning products, which are not only safe for the environment but are also effective in removing all the build up of dirt and grime on buildings, roofs and walls.

K-rend cleaning

As well as building cleaning render we can also clean K-rend rendered buildings and walls. Due to its popularity over the years, K-rend is now seen throughout the UK and has become a popular choice for coating the exterior of buildings. However, K-rend still requires regular maintenance and cleaning to stop the constant buildup or organic matter and atmospheric pollutants. If your K-rend rendered building has become dirty or discoloured over time, we are able to clean it to an almost brand-new condition, saving you the expense of having it replaced.

When cleaning K-Rend we apply a suitable biocide spray to the surface, which has been designed specifically for K-rend rendered buildings. Once the biocide has been given enough time to work through all the organic matter on your rendered walls, killing off any moss, algae, lichens and any other organic matter, we will proceed to steam clean your building, using a low-pressure washer to ensure your rendered walls are not damaged in any way. As well as removing organic matter, we will also get rid of any air pollutants that may have built up over time as well as any other dirt and grime, leaving your building looking like new again.

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